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SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay Accommodation

Sometimes, it just needs to be the two of you.

Sometimes, you just don’t need the big fan fare, but you still want all the elegance and memories that last a lifetime.

At SummerHills Retreat in the Byron Bay Hinterland , we have the perfect spot for the two of you to elope or to re-commit in a renewal ceremony.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we will ensure that your special occasion will be a unique trademark that represents the essence of your love.

This service is best suited for a small intimate group (and generally if you don’t need catering.)

SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay Accommodation

At SummerHills Retreat, we believe that love is a

many splendid thing !


 If an Elopement Ceremony is what you're after, we can assist. No matter how simple or elaborate you want your special day to be, we've got everything you need to take those important steps - together.

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SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay Accommodation

Looking for somewhere special to reaffirm your love? 

SummerHills Retreat is the perfect location for your re-commitment ceremony. Bring your loved ones, or opt for something smaller and more intimate - just the two of you.

Whatever you have in mind, let us take the journey with you.

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