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Counting Whales - Byron Bay Whale Watching season opens

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

We are having a whale of a time in Byron Bay.

Lots of sunshine, blue skies and whale watching season has started with lots of pods of whales playing close to the coast - so wotz not to love ?

A diversity of whales have started to traverse up the East Coast of Australia, making their way North, to birth their calves in warmer waters.

Did you know that so far we have so far spotted 136 Humpback Whales off the Coast at Cape Byron ? Three new calves have also been seen. There's an estimated population of 80,000 whales across all species that track up the East Coast of Australia at this time of year.

Humpback Whales swim from Antarctica to Northern Qld every year, tracking 12,000 kilometres to have their babies in warmer waters.

Mother Humpbacks are pregnant for about 11-12 months and have calves every 2-3 years.

One Humpback whale weighs the same as about 11 elephants.

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