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Flow Yoga.... for more Flow in Your Life

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Does it feel like your life is not flowing?

If it feels like life is a struggle, that every day is clunky mentally and physically, and like everything you do is a challenge, then it may be time to think about developing the core strength and flexibility in your body.

At any age or any stage of flexibility, and even if you have never done any type of stretching or yoga before, it is never too late to start building the strength in your body and to tap in to your body's own wisdom and knowledge on how to move with ease and grace... Your body wants to move easily, you just need to give it a little guidance...

Tackling tasks with a body that doesn't want to flex or move is hard. With more flexibility in your muscles and joints, you also build resilience, in your mind, body and soul.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is steeped in Ancient Wisdoms. And at SummerHills Retreat we are excited to launch our FLOW YOGA RETREATS - designed to help you find the flow in your life and to bring back the bounce in your step.

We also understand that every new habit takes time to build into your routine, and so we've designed the ideal 4 day course that gives you the time to practice, to sense and to feel your way.

Our 1-on-1 private instructor will either get your practice started or will accelerate you from where you are now in your own private sessions. Our Flow Yoga courses are customised to suit your needs and tailored to your body.

We offer a safe and gentle environment for you to discover how Yoga can bring an ease into your life. And we truly believe that if you can introduce FLOW in one area of your life, then this will have a trickle effect on to all other areas of your life. Yoga is like that, it permeates everything you do - you will find that all things in life will become easier and simpler - and you will be able approach challenges in your life with more calm and feel more balanced.

Uncover more balance in your life

Benefits of Flow Yoga

  • more flexibility

  • more resilience

  • immune system support

  • more muscle strength

  • more muscle tone

  • improved breathing

  • more energy and vitality

  • more balance in your metabolism

  • weight loss

  • better cardio and circulatory health

  • better athletic performance

  • less injuries

  • better posture

  • better back support

  • better organ support

  • better hormonal and endocrine system support


Flow Yoga is based on Vinyasa Yoga which was born from Ashtanga Yoga. All of these ancient wisdoms are designed to get your body moving with more flexibility and ease, and to give your core more strength.

You Deserve Some Self Care

It's your time now - you deserve some self care. Yoga has profound effects and it's time to reach out and do what you need to do to feel better in yourself, and to find your flow In life


This is a personal yoga course suitable for couples or singles, it's not tied into a calendar, and it can be taken at any dates that suit you. This package includes...

  • 4-nights accommodation in a very private and quiet forest cabin with mountain views and your very own spa bath, kitchen, king sized bed, ceiling fan and air con as well as a private outdoor courtyard and BBQ

  • 4 x 90 minute personal meditation guided sessions with your own private instructor. In these sessions you will learn the skills to take the practice of meditation into your daily life**

  • generous breakfast baskets to last for 4 days

  • a "yoga starter kit" with essential goodies including a silk face pillow, candles and relaxation bath salts for your spa bath

  • a bottle of sparkling wine

  • a late checkout of midday on your day of departure

  • and in between your sessions, you can also enjoy our 2km walk, 4km hike, saltwater pool and open yoga/meditation room to help you establish your practice - see our full facilities list here - all yours to experience

  • Cost is $2,928 for 1 person for 4 nights including 4 x private Flow Yoga sessions and 4-nights accommodation as well as all of the above inclusions

  • Cost is $3,324 for 2 people for 4 nights including 4 x private Flow Yoga sessions and 4-nights accommodation as well as all of the above inclusions CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR DATES and START YOUR FLOW YOGA JOURNEY NOW ** Please note that as everybody is different and learns a new skill at different speeds, specific results can not be guaranteed. The more consistent you are with your practice, the more benefit you will reap and the better you will get better at it ! And we look forward to welcoming you to the start of your Yoga Journey and finding more strength, flexibility and flow in your life

And you may be also interested to check out our new Meditation, "Tantra for Couples" and "Tantra for Singles" courses

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